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I made this scarf as a gift for my sister last year. I found it hanging on a chair this morning, and it seemed to be just calling for a post. I was feeling a little artsy, so I decided to pull out an old stuffed animal to be my model today.

Meet Princess. Princess is modeling a sassy scarf ensemble created using a pattern found in Punk Knits. This scarf was created using Red Heart Classic yarn (which sounds much more classy then the “normal yarn” title I originally had), and Lyon Brand Fun Fetti Yarn (which always makes me want cupcakes whenever I work with it, possibly an evil ploy devised by Pillsbury and the yarn company).

This scarf was created using size thirteen needles, which I have to admit are starting to grow on me. I’ve always felt awkward and clunky using them because they are so big, opting instead for size nine needles, which are my favorite size, but after working with them for several projects I can appreciate the loose stitching they create as well as the speed at which projects can be completed while using them. This scarf only took me about half an hour.


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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