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Epic Blanket of…Win? Part 2

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As I mentioned last week, I have taken on a completely insane blanket project. I’m about half way through this king-sized blanket so far, and am just about to finish the second set squares.

This pattern also comes from the book 200 Knitted Blocks. I really like this pattern because it is knitted in a V-shape. The block begins by casting on twice as many stitches as the other blocks being used in the blanket and every other row there is a decrease. This means that each block starts out with many stitches and becomes less as time goes on.  I like this style because the hard part is done at the beginning when I’m all excited about starting a new block, and as I get more and more sick of working on the block it is actually easier to complete.


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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