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Knitting, its not just for winter anymore.

When flipping through my copy of Punk Knits, I was ecstatic to find a pattern for a fun top that was designed to be worn in the summer time (what a concept!).

In the creation of this shirt, I combined Lion Brand Trellis yarn, which (as I mentioned in a previous post) I absolutely adore working with, but has been sadly discontinued, with Bernat Satin yarn. The combination of the two gave a silky feel, as the satin yarn texture was able to peak through the untextured blocks in the Trellis yarn. Avid blog readers may recognize this yarn combination from a tie mentioned in a previous post. The shirt was actually created first, but I made the tie before I was able to get the ribbon to finish off the shirt. The pattern actually called for the use of these two yarn types, and I liked how they looked so much I used the combination in different projects.

I think my favorite part of this project is that the completed product looks far more complicated than it actually was to make. The shirt is created in three pieces which are a basic 2×2 rib stitch. The pieces were laced together using ribbon (yay for no sew projects) using holes created by dropping stitches.

Many of the patterns in this book call for the use of dropped stitches. I absolutely love it! Most books focus on how to save the project from the horrors of dropped stitches, while this one is encouraging it. I must say it’s quite refreshing. It’s also a really creative way of creating holes for lacing. I wish I was that creative when coming up with designs.

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