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Crochet Flower Hat

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My second crocheted beanie turned out much better than my first attempt at it.

I found this amazing pattern at I like it because it looks so complicated, but is actually really simple to execute.

I chose to use a black and white zebra variegated yarn (I love creative yarn names) to make the hat. Multi colored yarn is so much fun because each thing created using it comes out completely unique.

The flower was my first attempt at felting. I was a little nervous when I saw the pattern called for the use of felting, I was afraid that it would completely ruin my work. I put my fears aside and decided to try it, and was impressed with the results.

I guess you do learn something new every day.

Edit: Hey all, it’s come to my attention that the pattern has been removed from the original site I found it on. Good news, I have tracked it down again! Linkage. Enjoy!


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