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Yesterday, when catching up on old posts of Must Have Cute, I came across a link to the cutest squid pattern! (Well technically they are called takochu).

Having recently acquired some skills in crocheting, I was uber excited to try this pattern out for myself.

To the left is the cute little squid I made (tho it does look kind of a dog).

The pattern was super easy to use, and in doing so I learned the magic circle technique (I’m learning so many cool new things these days).

I did have some difficulty sewing the whole thing together, which seems to be caused by a combination of the size of the squid (that’s a coaster its sitting on) and the needle I was using (the head really didn’t want to follow the rest of the needle).

I altered the pattern a bit by crocheting the eyes, and in the placement of the mouth (well that part was an unintentional alteration, but I’ll pretend I did it on purpose).


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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