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Cat Hat

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I came across this pattern by accident. I was searching for a pattern to make a beanie with cat ears, and this was third on the list of patterns. It was so cute I felt the need to make it even though I wanted something else.

As you can see, my search for “cat hat” was a little too vague.

This pattern came from a wikihow article. The cat in that picture was much more cooperative than mine when photographing the hat, so feel free to click over for a better detail.

The pattern itself was easy enough to follow, but being a wiki it contained some interesting parts. To start off, the tag said it was a pattern to create a cat hat in twelve steps. In actuality, it is a six step pattern which is written twice. I’m not sure why it is printed twice, the second printing doesn’t really add much to the pattern.

The other thing that bothered me about the pattern was that the hook size was listed way at the bottom. I, naturally, didn’t see it was even there until I had begun the project. As luck would have it, the proper size hook was sitting in front of me, but not everyone is as skilled in luck as I am. Again, I’m not sure why they put this there, as I’m sure most people aren’t patient enough to read through the pattern twice and the tips section to find out the proper hook size for a pattern like this.

The layout issues aside, I think this project was very cute, even if it did cause me to become one of those crazy people who makes clothing for their pets.


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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