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Kitty Cat Hat


In Monday’s post I mentioned that I was searching for a pattern for a pattern to make a beanie with cat ears. I am pleased to announce that after a momentary distraction with the cat hat, I was able to find and craft a beanie with cat ears.

I found this pattern on Crochetme, which is full of links to some really cool patterns. The only downside is not all of the patterns are free (boo!).

While the hat pictured in the pattern is cute, I did have some issues with the pattern. First of which was the gauge. Ever since the skirt fiasco, I always gauge before beginning anything. However, the gauge for this pattern was too vague to be helpful.  All it said was “8 stitches and 6 rows equals 2 inches.” Two rows of what? I tried half double crochet, since the hat is made using half double crochet, but that was too big. I tried single crochet, which worked, but left me worried that I was supposed to be using half double crochet, and that my my beanie would end up looking funny. Judging from the comments, I wasn’t the only one worrying about the gauge.

I also would have liked to see the number of stitches that each round was supposed to have listed. The pattern stated that the beginning chain didn’t count as a stitch, and I was unsure of what to do with it. Was each round supposed to get one stitch bigger? I wasn’t sure. In the end I just ignored the stitch, which seemed to work out okay as the seem in the back of my hat matched the one pictured.

I did modify the pattern slightly. I was using the left over off white yarn I had bought a couple of years ago when making scarves for the Special Olympics. I had about two thirds of a skein left and didn’t really want to buy more of it, because then I’d still have a part of a skein of off white left over. Instead of doing 29 rounds of the hat, I only did 20, and I only did one round of ribbing around the edge. Short cutting the pattern didn’t make much of a difference in the appearance, at least in my point of view. The pattern states that the bottom ribbing adds warmth to the hat, and since I live in an area where warmth isn’t an issue I figured it wouldn’t make much of a difference.


Author: Lizzybeth

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2 thoughts on “Kitty Cat Hat

  1. I love the history of doom. sounds just like me. ok well i’m a bit older. but still knitting is knittin and it can be crazy! i have been trying for years to get the hang of it. the only thing i have ever knit is scarves. i was getting tired of that so i decided to try and really learn how to knit. what you saw on my blog is how far i have made it. sad huh? but as they say every journey starts with one step so here i go!

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