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Crazy Cat Hat

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All this week I’ve been working on making cat themed beanies. This pattern was a little different than what I was looking for, but I decided to take a chance and try it out.

Since the title of this project was “Crazy Cat Hat,” I decided to photograph it in my cat’s favorite place to hang out, on my desk blocking my access to the pen cup.

Like Wednesday’s post, this pattern comes from CrochetMe. At first I was hesitant to try it out because of the ear flaps. They seem to come in and out of style every so often, but they aren’t something I’ve ever worn.

The pattern itself was really easy to follow, and after finishing the base of the hat I loved the way it looked. Yes, even with the ear flaps, the hat was pretty cute.

Once I had finished making the hat, the ears, and the eyes (all separate pieces) I came across a slight problem. At that point the pattern just ends, stating to place the pieces, using the model as a guide. Now, that’s easy enough if you have one of those foam heads, but really difficult if you don’t. I tried placing the pieces on the hat from just having it sit in front of me, but when I tried it on and inspected the placement in the mirror everything was off center. I then tried wearing the hat and pinning the pieces on myself using a mirror. This was the most difficult and stupid thing I have ever tired. For those of you who haven’t tried, it is really hard to pin something holding it above your head, the pieces ended up more crooked than laying the project on the desk. I also couldn’t find a victim  volunteer to wear the hat while I pinned it. In the end I used a stuffed animal as my head model, which worked out much better than I expected. It looks like I don’t need to invest in a Styrofoam head after all.


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