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Fall Hat Attempt 2

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When I completed the hat pattern from last week, my boyfriend looked absolutely heart broken when he discovered it didn’t fit. I decided that instead of trying to modify that pattern to make it large enough, I’d just write my own.

When I began writing this pattern, I decided to start modeling the hat from the top down. This way I could test the size and shape of the crown before I got too deep into the pattern.

After eight attempts at starting, pulling, modifying and restarting, I finally got something that not only looked like a hat, but had the ribbing running throughout.

Yesterday, it passed the size test, fitting nicely on the boyfriend’s head.

I have now begun working on the shaping of the front of the hat, so that the opening frames the face. I’m really nervous about making a mistake in this part, I’d hate to have to pull the whole thing out and start over again.

Stay tuned for updates on this pattern writing process!


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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