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Epic Blanket of Win


After countless hours of work, it is finally finished. I present, the epic blanket of win.

This massive 7×9 blanket was too big to get a picture that included all of the detail, but I assure you, it is pretty epic.

Each square was lovingly hand crafted using blocks adapted from the book 200 Knitted Blocks, an amazing book that not only has block patterns, but also tips on how to put blocks together to make some pretty awesome quilts.

Each block was made on size 13 needles using classic yarn and baby yarn. The blocks were attached to one another using a single crochet worked between two blocks. I finished the blanket off with a round of single crochet followed by a round of double crochet.

I’ve been working on this blanket so long, I’m

almost sad to see it finished. I have a feeling I’ll be beginning another before too long. Stay tuned!

Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

2 thoughts on “Epic Blanket of Win

  1. Hi, i just love this blanket.

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