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Knitted Gas Mask Part 3

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Here we have it. The front portion of the gas mask is now complete.

Once I completed the canister portion of the nose cone, I sewed it around the circle I had created earlier for the bottom. To give it more of a shape, I created a circle out of fun foam and placed it inside. It worked pretty well to ensure that the canister stays round at all times.

Once that was finished, I sewed that portion to the front of the mask that I had created earlier. I finished it off by crocheting a slip stitch around the eye holes so they would look less raw.

All that’s left to do is attach the front of the mask to the hat portion. I’m planning on using black Velcro for this, and I would really like to place the Velcro in a way that the hat can be worn with out the front of the mask without it being too obvious. I’m waiting until my boyfriend is back in town to do this so that I can be sure everything fits him properly.

I personally don’t think it looks anywhere near as good as the original, but I think that is true for most things. I do have a feeling that it will look way cooler once the front has been placed on the hat and I have pictures of it on an actual person.

Speaking of cool, while I was browsing for the link to the original gas mask, I came across this way cool post. Nothing says awesome like a pink gas mask.


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