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Broken Needles Ruin My Week

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I haven’t posted for some time. I know, I’m sorry. I’ve just been very angry at knitting as of late.

I have been trying to finish a hat for my grandmother so that she can have it well before Christmas. Unfortunately, I have managed to break my circular knitting needles, and have yet been able to fix them.

I tried searching online for repairs, but I can only find solutions to the needle pulling out of the chord. Now I’m too cool for normal easy to fix breakage. I managed to crack the chord.

I’ve tried glue, I’ve tried tape, and I’ve tried clear nail polish. They hold the thing together and I’m pleased, but when I go to use them again, the loops of yarn are getting caught on the newly raised surface.

I’m very upset at knitting right now.


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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