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After breaking my circular needles last week I was stalled a bit on my beret project. While I was unable to fix them, I gave in and changed to new needles so that I could continue the project. Today it is finished!

I made it using a pattern I found on SockPixie, which is a really amazing blog might I add.

Being ever the rebel, I used Sensations Little Treat Soft and colorful yarn for this project. I made it for my grandmother, who adores the feel of cashmere, and this yarn came pretty close. The hat is made from two skeins of mitigated yarn, which created the unique color combination seen in the picture. I was unsure about the color choices early on in the creation process because both skeins have sections of white in them and there were several rows that were white instead of alternating colors. However, that part (as luck would have it) is under the fold of the hat, so no one will ever know.

The pattern itself was easy enough to follow. I had to pull out the project at one point, but that was due to my inability to work the repeating stitches properly. Apparently I was seeing too many little stars when I read the row and didn’t repeat enough of the stitches.

I am a little disappointed in the size, I thought it would have been bigger based on the picture featured with the pattern. It looks like I thought it would not worn, but it looks a little small when placed on my head. Further support of my theory that my head is bigger than those of the pattern makers. I’m thinking of making another one of these for myself, but I’ll be using bigger needles to make the hat larger.


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One thought on “Beret

  1. That is a really nice hat. I keep trying to get started on my second hat ever and the yarn dosen’t seem right. Too slippery and thin. So now I have to buy more. I can’t imagine making something as nice as your hat.

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