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Winter Warmer Throw

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Today is the first day of working on my Knitting 2011 Calendar. Of all the patterns to choose for the first one, they sure started out ambitious.

This blanket (Designed by Debbie Tomkies) is created by making a whole bunch of smaller blocks that are sewn together to create the blanket itself.

While working on this pattern I realized how fortunate I am in that I have created several blankest of this style before, otherwise this calendar may have been one of those that I started out with good intentions and later found itself in the trash. Much like that word-a-day calendar that took way more effort than it should have.

The blanket shown in the picture looks rather complicated, but as the pattern promised, the block pattern is actually rather easy, albeit time consuming. The block pictured to the right took me three hours to create. With thirty blocks in the project, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this one before its time to start work on the next project.

The repeated stitches look a lot like crochet stitches, which makes this project extra cool. The block also reminds me of a wash cloth for some reason. I suppose that if I give up on this one before I am able to finish it I can just have several knitted wash cloths, which would be kind of awesome.




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