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Winter Warmer Throw Part 4

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I worked on more blocks for my throw today. I’m officially 1/5 of the way there. That’s 20% done. Almost kind of close to half way. Yeah, not really.

That’s the problem with large projects. They take a lot of time, and despite how much time it feels like you are spending on them, every time you stop to check your progress you realize you haven’t actually gotten that far. It’s enough to make a person mad. Well not really, but make a person discouraged. I told myself that I would only work on one pattern at a time, but I think I may break that just so I can change-up my knittingĀ routine.

On the plus side, my big ball of yarn is staring to look rather deflated, at least that’s a sign of progress!


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

One thought on “Winter Warmer Throw Part 4

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