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Ready? Set? Knit!


Hooray its knitting marathon time!

I know my fellow blogger started at eight am Eastern, but being on the west coast I’m not dedicated enough to wake up that early (sorry).

I’ve assembled three works in progress for the day. My sad-looking socks, my blanket that I started with the new year, and a crocheted blanket that I have been neglecting for some time. I have created a nice queue on Hulu of some old shows to watch, and I have a nice cup of tea. It’s a little later than I wanted to start, but now I’m ready to go!

Highlights from the day:

9:30am: Finally ready to begin. Its funny how you think of all these little things to take care of when you decide you are going to take a day and not do anything. I’ve started a to-do list for tomorrow to keep myself from obsessing about how “unproductive” I’m being.

11:39am: Making good progress on the Yoga Socks I’m working on. Mother asked me to have lunch with her, she thinks I need cheering up because I’ve been alone in my room all day.

12:30pm: Back to the needles ! I hope I can make some good progress before I have to get ready for work.

1:15pm: Time to get ready for work. I only have twenty rounds left on the first sock. I wish I didn’t have to go, silly obligations getting in the way of things.

8:45pm: Finally back from work. They are really not wanting me to get my knit on. I was planning on continuing into the wee hours of the morning, but I was told I need to go in early tomorrow. Boo


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

3 thoughts on “Ready? Set? Knit!

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  2. The first time I tried to set aside a whole day of knitting, I didn’t get nearly as much as I had wanted to. It looks like you got a great bit done on the Yoga socks! Thanks for joining in on the idea of a Knitting Marathon. I am planning to do it again in February – get those WiPs ready!!!

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