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Rolled Brim Cabled Crossed Hat

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Once again I’m wishing that I could knit faster, as this weekend’s Knit A Day pattern is very cute.

My first thought when I flipped the calendar on Friday was “oh my gosh a knitted sun hat!” It really does look like it should be a sun hat, which is kind of awesome considering that most of the hats I make are beanies and completely inappropriate for the seventy degree winters we’ve been having lately.

While looking at the pattern, wishing I had more hand so I could make several projects at once, I noticed that the author was the very same one who wrote the pattern for the pretty cable scarf that is sitting in my pattern queue. I figured that anyone who was cool enough to be featured twice so close in a row in this calendar was someone worth checking out, and I’m glad I did. Her blog is pretty awesome, filled with breathtaking works and really interesting posts, including one on making your own double point needles (score!). It almost makes me feel guilty that I have had to skip over her projects in the calendar so far.

In the meantime, I have been working on completing the winter throw I started in January. I managed to make two more blocks before I decided to switch back to working on the yoga socks. The one single one looked so lonely sitting on my desk all by itself. I decided I’d cut a chunk out of the yarn after all, this way the two socks will match. So far this one has been going by much more quickly than the first. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this sock thing!


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One thought on “Rolled Brim Cabled Crossed Hat

  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting my pattern in your blog post – it’s a fun knit that goes very quickly. Enjoy and happy knitting 🙂

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