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Yoga Socks. Finished at Last!

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After months of back-breaking work, the yoga socks are finally finished. I’m excited to be finished, but saddened at the same time. I poured so much of my time and patience into these socks that it is such a shame to know they will not be seen all that often. Perhaps I will wear them to the airport sometime, so at least when I’m forced to stand shoe-less in a line of strangers I can know they are all jealous of my awesome socks.

These socks are surprisingly comfortable. I thought that having open toes and heals would cause a texture contrast that would irritate me as I wore them, but I barely noticed it.

My first adventure into sock making went extremely well. Will I repeat it? I’m not sure. Perhaps I will consider it once these aren’t looking so cute anymore.


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

One thought on “Yoga Socks. Finished at Last!

  1. That looks like an amazing “feat”! Not one that I am ready to try. Great job. At least you have the satisfaction of having completed something so difficult and time consuming.

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