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Epic Gamer Quilt-Week 2

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Week two of my Epic Gamer Quilt was very successful. I managed to complete seven blocks this week, a huge improvement over last week.

The first block I created this week was the logo for Borderlands. I was a pretty easy logo to design, but as I was making it the only thing I could think about was how much the color scheme reminded me of McDonalds, which made me want french fries.

The Space Invaders block was next, which I created from Alicia’s Designs. This pattern was pretty easy to follow, but I messed up the counting in the middle, making part of the pattern off-center. Naturally, I didn’t realize this until after the block was done.

Following that, came the Team Fortress 2 logo. This block definitely looked better on paper.  I couldn’t find the proper colors for the logo, which doesn’t help things. Quite possibly I was subconsciously taking revenge on this logo since I have spent many nights alone because my fiancée is way too addicted to this game. Or it could be that anything orange and circular just looks too much like a pumpkin.

After the disaster of a pattern, I went back to working on ones that someone else had written. The Black Mage came from Alicia’s patterns. Pretty easy to make, and finally I had a use for multiple shades of yellow. If you look closely you can see that my attempt to hide the tails peaked through in the face giving him a nose. I’m thinking I may leave it like that.

Next was metroid, once again from Alicia’s patterns. After finishing this one I was concerned that it was too ugly but I was assured that it is not supposed to be too appealing to the eye. Of course, now that its finished I’m too distracted by how off-center the image is. It looked better on paper, but I wish I had noticed before starting so that I could shift it down and over.

After the complexity of the metorid block, I decided to switch to something simpler and worked on a Halo block. This was originally going to be a Halo-3 block, but getting the number to show up legibly was really difficult, so I left it at the original.

Lastly came cute little Kirby, once again from Alicia. I have to admit, her version looks much cuter than mine turned out. It looks like mine ate way too much at the buffet before flying around.

Now I’m eleven blocks into the blanket. I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty good about it! Stay tuned for more nerdy blocks!


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I have too much time on my hands.

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