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In keeping with my recent interest in book crafts, I feel in love with this Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer posted on Design Sponge, and decided that it was something I absolutely had to do. (Be sure to click the link for instructions on how she created her project).

In creating my version of the project, I decided to skip out on using rubberized fabric, but instead used cotton fabric to give it more color, plus the text speak fabric was just begging to be used in this kind of project.

Since the material I was using was less sturdy, I decided to put my elastic page on the right side of the book to stabilize it more.

Creating the elastic pattern was kinda fun, but it got tricky towards the bottom, as the elastic decided it wanted to take the fabric along with it.

I used the same text patterned fabric as the base for the entire book. You can’t really see it under the elastic, but it’s there.

Here are a few more progress photos just for fun.

I learned a few lessons from my last book project. I wanted to make sure that everything was attached well, so I used modge podge to attach the fabric to a poster board base, and while the modge podge was drying, I hand stitched the two together. It worked much better than last time in which I let the modge podge dry before the stitching. I also put electrical tape around the edges. It was mostly to keep the edges of the elastic from peeking out, but I decided to line the entire thing to make it look uniform. It had the added bonus of hiding my ugly stitching.

I’m really pleased with how this project turned out,I’m thinking of making a second one, but this time out of an old text-book. That way there would be a lot more room to hold more things!


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