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Poofy Owls

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I’ve been seeing cute owls all over the internet recently, and when I saw these little owl puffs, I just had to make one. And then a second and a third.

Like most of my patterns, I found this pattern by Ana on Ravelry.

This pattern is particularly cool because it has instructions for knitting and crocheting. I tried out the knitting version, but I’m not patient enough to work with something so small in the round, so I started over on the crochet version.

I tried out two different ways of doing the beaks. I tried out a crochet triangle, but it was a little too big for my taste, so I opted to embroider the beak on the remaining two.

I think the little brown one is my favorite, I accidentally attached the eyes a bit crooked, but it resulted in a great little inquisitive look.


Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

One thought on “Poofy Owls

  1. They are really cute! And the embroidered beaks are perfect. I sense a trip to a googly-eye-vendor in my future. 😉

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