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52 Reasons

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Lately these little card books have been blowing up pintrest. Since my first anniversary is this summer and my husband collects playing cards, I figured this would be the perfect gift.

Now I’ve seen a lot of different sites showing tutorials on these books, most of which claim ownership of the idea. So I’m going to cross my fingers in hopes of not angering anyone while I credit Little Gray Fox as my inspiration, first because this is the first site that saw this idea on, and second because it’s the one that I based my book off of.

Since my hubby collects playing cards and likes to keep them in their original packaging, we don’t have more than one pack lying around to play with, so I had to buy a new deck to make my book out of.

I didn’t like that the package looked so new and shiny, so I took some sand paper to the sides of the cards and rounded the corners. I grabbed a piece that was previously used to sand some painted wood project my husband was working on by mistake. It actually turned out rather nicely because in the sanding process some nice dark varnish transferred to the cards, making them look nice and worn.

I used a hole punch to punch the cards, and my best friend modge podge to attach the sayings and pictures to the cards. The tutorial recommended using glue sticks, but I always have the worst luck with the edges pealing.


I used binder rings to connect the cards, and my little book was finished.

This project is super cute, using playing cards as book pages was a stroke of genius. The hardest part was coming up with 52 reasons why I love my husband (don’t tell him I said that).

Love love love this project. Here’s hoping my hubby loves it as much as I do.





Author: Lizzybeth

I have too much time on my hands.

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