Blanket of Doom

Welcome to Doom


The History of Doom

Years ago a friend and I started a knit and crochet project at our school. The intent of the project was simple and noble, create blankets and scarves to donate to the needy. The project was wildly successful, but we found ourselves left with bits and pieces of yarn that weren’t enough to create their own projects, and didn’t really go with anything else we had. In an attempt to leave no scrap left behind, we set to work. We worked countless hours knitting and crocheting our fingers to the bone. The end result was a series of three blankets that could be only described by one word: Doom.

While our hearts were in the right place, they were so ugly that the only images of them have been rejected by cameras, showing up as blurs of colors and patterns. The blankets themselves were locked away, never to be seen again.

Since that time, I have continued knitting, crocheting, and crafting in general; creating some projects that are equally as hideous, and some that turned out pretty well. I have decided its finally time to share my “talents” with the world. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Doom.

About Me

I am currently a second year medical student, which leaves me very little free time. I have found throughout the years that crafting is one of the best stress reliefs around, especially knitting and crocheting (which allow me to watch TV without feeling as guilty since I am using that time to create something beautiful).

Since I started medical school, I’ve had to slow down my progress, and as a result this blog seems to be updated less and less frequently. I promise I’m still lurking around the internet, and I hope you will forgive long gaps in my updates.


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