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Rolled Brim Cabled Crossed Hat

Once again I’m wishing that I could knit faster, as this weekend’s Knit A Day pattern is very cute.

My first thought when I flipped the calendar on Friday was “oh my gosh a knitted sun hat!” It really does look like it should be a sun hat, which is kind of awesome considering that most of the hats I make are beanies and completely inappropriate for the seventy degree winters we’ve been having lately.

While looking at the pattern, wishing I had more hand so I could make several projects at once, I noticed that the author was the very same one who wrote the pattern for the pretty cable scarf that is sitting in my pattern queue. I figured that anyone who was cool enough to be featured twice so close in a row in this calendar was someone worth checking out, and I’m glad I did. Her blog is pretty awesome, filled with breathtaking works and really interesting posts, including one on making your own double point needles (score!). It almost makes me feel guilty that I have had to skip over her projects in the calendar so far.

In the meantime, I have been working on completing the winter throw I started in January. I managed to make two more blocks before I decided to switch back to working on the yoga socks. The one single one looked so lonely sitting on my desk all by itself. I decided I’d cut a chunk out of the yarn after all, this way the two socks will match. So far this one has been going by much more quickly than the first. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this sock thing!


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Frame Your Face Cowl

I’m feeling a little less behind in the knitting challenge despite the fact that I’m still working on the first pattern. Why? Because todays pattern is one that I have absolutely no intention of making.

Perhaps it’s because I live in an area that enjoys warm weather all year, or perhaps it’s something engraved deep in the fiber of my being, but I’ve never really liked cowls. I think they look ugly and uncomfortable. To me it seems like even the girl in this picture isn’t enjoying hers. Although I could be personifying my feelings on to her. Whatever it may be, today my pattern inbox has not grown, and for that I’m grateful. Now, back to the blanket!

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Tiger Cat Hat

I spent the weekend finishing my Tiger Cat Hat. It’s a little more snug than I expected it to be, but that’s probably because I used a different yarn than was called for in the pattern.

I modified the original pattern a bit. Besides using a K hook to account for the difference in yarn weight, I also added ten rounds to the hat itself to make it longer. I also added a few increase rows of my own devising to each ear so that they would be larger as well. Th original ear size looked too small now that I had increased the length of the hat.

I’m really enjoying the stripped pattern created by the variegated yarn, which is one of the things I absolutely adore about working with variegated colors.

I started work on a third hat of this type, this time in white. Soon everyone I know will have kitty hats. ^_^

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After breaking my circular needles last week I was stalled a bit on my beret project. While I was unable to fix them, I gave in and changed to new needles so that I could continue the project. Today it is finished!

I made it using a pattern I found on SockPixie, which is a really amazing blog might I add.

Being ever the rebel, I used Sensations Little Treat Soft and colorful yarn for this project. I made it for my grandmother, who adores the feel of cashmere, and this yarn came pretty close. The hat is made from two skeins of mitigated yarn, which created the unique color combination seen in the picture. I was unsure about the color choices early on in the creation process because both skeins have sections of white in them and there were several rows that were white instead of alternating colors. However, that part (as luck would have it) is under the fold of the hat, so no one will ever know.

The pattern itself was easy enough to follow. I had to pull out the project at one point, but that was due to my inability to work the repeating stitches properly. Apparently I was seeing too many little stars when I read the row and didn’t repeat enough of the stitches.

I am a little disappointed in the size, I thought it would have been bigger based on the picture featured with the pattern. It looks like I thought it would not worn, but it looks a little small when placed on my head. Further support of my theory that my head is bigger than those of the pattern makers. I’m thinking of making another one of these for myself, but I’ll be using bigger needles to make the hat larger.

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More Cat Hats

I’ve been working diligently on a scarf lately, but I’ve grown bored. So I’ve decided to start working on more hats.

I’ve decided to start a series of hats inspired by the Crazy Cat Hat pattern that I featured in August.

The second hat in the series, which is still in the process of being created, is inspired by my kitty cat Tigger. Being a tiger cat, I chose to use Zebra yarn from Red Heart.

This yarn is a lot thinner than the one called for in the pattern. In order to make my hat fit, I used a K (6.5mm) hook. I also added to the number of rounds to make the hat long enough.

I’m going to begin working on the ear flaps for the hat today. I’m really excited to see how the patterning works out. I really like the spiral stripes it has right now, and I hope that it is able to continue to some degree.

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Tabby Tam, Finished at Last!

At last, the tabby tam is finished! That only took….forever.

The cables that make this pattern really interesting also made it take so long. I’m a pretty fast knitter, but not so fast when it comes to some fancy stitching.

The hat was made with a pattern from The Fiber Republic. It’s a really interesting pattern, and the cables definitely make it look more complicated than it actually is.

I made the hat using Vanna’s Choice yarn. I really like this yarn, it’s so soft! I’m planning on working with it again in the near future.

I have to admit, when I first started working on this project I was weary. I didn’t think the featured picture looked all that great, but my sister had picked it out so I figured that was what she wanted. After spending time working on it, the pattern really grew on me. I think the way the person was wearing the hat in the photo made it looked a little weird in my mind. I’m happy to say that I was very pleased with the result.



Tabby Tam Part 4

I’m almost done with the tam. I’m at the very top of it, and I was hoping it would be getting easier by now. However, the pattern doesn’t want to give up on the cables. It ends with a few rounds of cable 2. I admire the dedication of the pattern, but to me they just don’t look like cables any more.

I’m hoping to finish by Friday so I can post some pictures.