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I’m Back, Kinda

Hi all,
Good news, I had made up some crafts during the winter holidays, but thanks to all the crazyness never got a chance to post them. So stay tuned for a few updates in the coming weeks!


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How I gave my husband a can of corn for our anniversiary

Yup, I got my hubby a can of corn for our anniversary. Well…sort of.

The idea came to me a few days ago while I was trying desperately to get him to fess up about what he got me. While I didn’t find out exactly what it was, I did realize that it was going to be a lot more expensive than my little handmade gift. Worried, I asked him if he would mind that there may be a bit of a price difference, and if he would mind if his gift was terribly corny. To which he replied “I’d love a can of corn for our anniversary!”

And there we had it, I realized that I had to wrap his gift to look like he got a can of corn.

The first step was to take a trip to the grocery store, where I had to find the perfect can of corn for my wrapping. It actually turned out to be really easy, since they had some cans with awesome pop tops, meaning he wouldn’t need to pull out a can opener to open the gift.

I bought several cans and told him later they were on sale, so he wouldn’t suspect.

After getting hubby safely out of the house, I set to work.

Step one: Carefully remove the label, trying to keep it in one piece. Luckily, most labels are only glued in one place.

Step 2: Flip the can over and set to work with your can opener to remove the bottom. When purchasing a can, be sure to look at the bottoms, some cans can’t be opened from the bottom.

Step 3: Empty the contents into whatever meal you are making, or a plastic container for later. Very carefully, wash and dry the can and lid.


Step 4: Place your gift inside


Step 5: Glue the bottom of the can back in place. I used hot glue, but it turned out kinda messy. It is the bottom, so it wasn’t such a big deal, but if I do this again I’ll probably use crazy glue or something.


Step 6: Glue the label back on the can.


Step 7: Tie a bow on the can (or something to make it distinct from real food), and hide it in the pantry waiting for it to be discovered.

Now I lie in wait. My hubby doesn’t cook very often, so I may have to ask him to check the levels or something in order to discover my gift. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees it and thinks that I really did give him a can of corn for our anniversary.



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I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for two, count ’em, two, blog awards. The Sunshine and the Lovely Blogger Award, nominated by CrochetThoughts (be sure to out her blog!).

The rules? List things about yourself and nominate up to 15 blogs and don’t forget to thank the person who nominated you.

So here we go.

Some things about myself:

*I’m a second year medical student

*My mother taught me how to knit when I was young, but she never learned how to crochet and is now super jealous that I can crochet now.

*I have played to flute for over half my life

*I can’t wait to move to a place that lets me have cats, I miss having a kitty

The nominees:

1. Cheryl Marie Knits
2. Knitting A Year
3. A Little Bit of This and That
4. Colouring With Yarn
5. Peacefully Knitting
6. The Stitch Sharer
7. Kim’s Knots
8. Sweaty Knitter
9. Littlehoundaleskints
10. Millieonherworld 
11. India Green
12. Lifemultithreaded 
13. Crochet with Tamara
14. Craftaceous Period
15. Amigurumei

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Things were going really well with my baby blanket, when I ran out of yarn. You see I’m lazy a rebel and don’t always take enough time to note how much yardage I need for a given project. So I ran out. Like a mad woman, I dash out to the store and find that not one, but three stores don’t have the yarn I’m looking for. 


So I’ve decided to put the blanket on hold for a bit and see if I get lucky and find the yarn. If not, I have a plan that will hopefully make it look like I intended the blanket to be made out of more than one color. 

In the mean time, I have my sewing machine back, so I will be working on my super secrete new project