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More Cat Hats

I’ve been working diligently on a scarf lately, but I’ve grown bored. So I’ve decided to start working on more hats.

I’ve decided to start a series of hats inspired by the Crazy Cat Hat pattern that I featured in August.

The second hat in the series, which is still in the process of being created, is inspired by my kitty cat Tigger. Being a tiger cat, I chose to use Zebra yarn from Red Heart.

This yarn is a lot thinner than the one called for in the pattern. In order to make my hat fit, I used a K (6.5mm) hook. I also added to the number of rounds to make the hat long enough.

I’m going to begin working on the ear flaps for the hat today. I’m really excited to see how the patterning works out. I really like the spiral stripes it has right now, and I hope that it is able to continue to some degree.


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Big Knit Beanie

After much searching, I finally found a pattern to make with my huge knitting needles. When I came across this knit hat pattern, I was so excited. Unfortunately, my hat didn’t come out quite as nice as the ones pictured.

I debated about the yarn choice at first, it called for something chunky and the yarn I used, while not being the same one featured in the pattern, was indeed chunky.

There was no gauge to this pattern, so I had to start it over a couple of times, since my first few attempts came out too small. I ended up casting on 50 stitches instead of the 31 called for by the pattern.

I made the bow on size 13 needles to make it smaller than the one pictured with the pattern. I kind of like the smaller bow personally, but I’ve always been one for more subtle accents.

I really like this pattern, I think I might have to make it again using the yarn type that it originally called for so that I can do it justice.

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Teeny Preemie Beanie

The other day, I came across this ultra cute beanie pattern on the Lion Brand yarn website. It was so adorable that I just had to make it right away.

I was surprised that this pattern called for the use of an I hook, it being for tiny babies I thought that ti would use something smaller. However, this was a pleasant surprise as it meant that the pattern would take less time. This one took me about two hours.

Instead of using ribbon for the contrasting color on this hat, I used yarn instead. It makes the contrast a bit more subtle, and is much softer than any of the ribbon I had available at the time.

Originally I wanted to add a flower decoration to make the hat a bit more feminine, but was unable to find a pattern that didn’t completely overwhelm the hat. Perhaps another time.


Preemie Hat

For today’s project I made a preemie hat. I found the project pattern on the Care Wear Volunteers website. This website is really awesome, I recommend that everyone check it out. Its got all kinds of cute patterns as well as a list of hospitals seeking hand made donations.

This was the first crochet beanie I had made that the pattern was worked in rows instead of rounds. Reading the pattern confused me at first, I thought that it was going to be much smaller than it actually turned out being.

The pattern called for the use of hooks E and F. I don’t have an E hook, so I used F and G instead. There wasn’t a finished size listed, but I don’t think that the hook substitution made too much of a sizing difference.

I did have some issues with the counting of the pattern. I couldn’t get my decrease rows to match the number of stitches in the pattern. I’m thinking that I may have made a mistake in counting one of the rows and decreased too many. The beanie didn’t come out too horribly misshapen, so I guess I was lucky. I plan on making a few more to see if I can get these rows right.

My beanie donation box is starting to get full, it’ll be time for a trip to the hospital soon!

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Crazy Cat Hat

All this week I’ve been working on making cat themed beanies. This pattern was a little different than what I was looking for, but I decided to take a chance and try it out.

Since the title of this project was “Crazy Cat Hat,” I decided to photograph it in my cat’s favorite place to hang out, on my desk blocking my access to the pen cup.

Like Wednesday’s post, this pattern comes from CrochetMe. At first I was hesitant to try it out because of the ear flaps. They seem to come in and out of style every so often, but they aren’t something I’ve ever worn.

The pattern itself was really easy to follow, and after finishing the base of the hat I loved the way it looked. Yes, even with the ear flaps, the hat was pretty cute.

Once I had finished making the hat, the ears, and the eyes (all separate pieces) I came across a slight problem. At that point the pattern just ends, stating to place the pieces, using the model as a guide. Now, that’s easy enough if you have one of those foam heads, but really difficult if you don’t. I tried placing the pieces on the hat from just having it sit in front of me, but when I tried it on and inspected the placement in the mirror everything was off center. I then tried wearing the hat and pinning the pieces on myself using a mirror. This was the most difficult and stupid thing I have ever tired. For those of you who haven’t tried, it is really hard to pin something holding it above your head, the pieces ended up more crooked than laying the project on the desk. I also couldn’t find a victim  volunteer to wear the hat while I pinned it. In the end I used a stuffed animal as my head model, which worked out much better than I expected. It looks like I don’t need to invest in a Styrofoam head after all.


Kitty Cat Hat

In Monday’s post I mentioned that I was searching for a pattern for a pattern to make a beanie with cat ears. I am pleased to announce that after a momentary distraction with the cat hat, I was able to find and craft a beanie with cat ears.

I found this pattern on Crochetme, which is full of links to some really cool patterns. The only downside is not all of the patterns are free (boo!).

While the hat pictured in the pattern is cute, I did have some issues with the pattern. First of which was the gauge. Ever since the skirt fiasco, I always gauge before beginning anything. However, the gauge for this pattern was too vague to be helpful.  All it said was “8 stitches and 6 rows equals 2 inches.” Two rows of what? I tried half double crochet, since the hat is made using half double crochet, but that was too big. I tried single crochet, which worked, but left me worried that I was supposed to be using half double crochet, and that my my beanie would end up looking funny. Judging from the comments, I wasn’t the only one worrying about the gauge.

I also would have liked to see the number of stitches that each round was supposed to have listed. The pattern stated that the beginning chain didn’t count as a stitch, and I was unsure of what to do with it. Was each round supposed to get one stitch bigger? I wasn’t sure. In the end I just ignored the stitch, which seemed to work out okay as the seem in the back of my hat matched the one pictured.

I did modify the pattern slightly. I was using the left over off white yarn I had bought a couple of years ago when making scarves for the Special Olympics. I had about two thirds of a skein left and didn’t really want to buy more of it, because then I’d still have a part of a skein of off white left over. Instead of doing 29 rounds of the hat, I only did 20, and I only did one round of ribbing around the edge. Short cutting the pattern didn’t make much of a difference in the appearance, at least in my point of view. The pattern states that the bottom ribbing adds warmth to the hat, and since I live in an area where warmth isn’t an issue I figured it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

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Cat Hat

I came across this pattern by accident. I was searching for a pattern to make a beanie with cat ears, and this was third on the list of patterns. It was so cute I felt the need to make it even though I wanted something else.

As you can see, my search for “cat hat” was a little too vague.

This pattern came from a wikihow article. The cat in that picture was much more cooperative than mine when photographing the hat, so feel free to click over for a better detail.

The pattern itself was easy enough to follow, but being a wiki it contained some interesting parts. To start off, the tag said it was a pattern to create a cat hat in twelve steps. In actuality, it is a six step pattern which is written twice. I’m not sure why it is printed twice, the second printing doesn’t really add much to the pattern.

The other thing that bothered me about the pattern was that the hook size was listed way at the bottom. I, naturally, didn’t see it was even there until I had begun the project. As luck would have it, the proper size hook was sitting in front of me, but not everyone is as skilled in luck as I am. Again, I’m not sure why they put this there, as I’m sure most people aren’t patient enough to read through the pattern twice and the tips section to find out the proper hook size for a pattern like this.

The layout issues aside, I think this project was very cute, even if it did cause me to become one of those crazy people who makes clothing for their pets.