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Tiny Crab

When browsing through patterns I came across this adorable crab pattern and just had to try it out myself. I thought it would make a cute little companion for my squid. The image made it look complicated, but the pattern is actually very simple. I made my little crab in about twenty minutes.

I really liked this pattern, the crab is basically a circle that is folded in half and stuffed. The only change I would have made is the timing of the eye placement. The pattern says to stitch on the eyes after the crab is finished. The next time I make this one I’m probably going to stitch the eyes on before the body is finished, that way the tails on each end can be safely hidden inside.

The pattern notations said that the finished product would be tiny, but knowing everyone has a different idea of what “tiny” is, I was unsure as the size. The crab was in fact tiny. I placed mine next to a tube of Chap Stick for a size reference.

The description of this pattern offered several suggestions of what to do with these tiny crabs. One was to hang them on a Christmas tree. I was really excited and planning on making several for my tree this year, until Fluffy decided they would make better cat toys.