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30 Minute Infinity Scarf Challenge–Failed


Once again it’s Friday and I have nothing to look forward to but an endless pile of notes to memorize.

I have been seriously neglecting the creative side of my brain, and it is dying to come out and play, so I’ve decided to do a crochet project today (despite all my WIPs lying around). I had found a pattern a few weeks ago on pintrest for a 30 minute infinity scarf that I was going to do today (30 minutes isn’t long at all!). However, when I actually went to go look at it, something that was tagged as “free 30 minute infinity scarf pattern” was actually an $8 pattern. Now, I don’t mind paying for patterns, but whoever decided to pass it around as free was a meanie.

So, I went in search of a similar pattern that was actually free.

I’m going to be making this infinity scarf instead.

20120928-125115.jpgI’m going to be using Homespun yarn, and am debating on the size hook. It’ll either be a size K hook or a size P hook (since they are the biggest hooks I have, and I’m too lazy to go purchase a new hook).

The challenge (because everything is more fun with challenges): There isn’t a project time listed with the pattern, so I’m going to attempt to make it in 30 minutes. Will I succeed? Probably not.

The plan is to work in small chunks throughout the night as I work on memorizing stuff. I will be updating this post periodically, so stay tuned. You can also follow my random antics on tumblr:


Time so far: 5 min

Foundation chain completed. I decided to go with the K hook which will undoubtedly add time to the project. However, it looks much better. I’m making it long enough to wrap around twice. The foundation chain is 110 chains in case anyone is interested. Also, I did not realize that the yarn was the same color as my shirt.




Queen of Hearts

At the request of my sister, I dusted off the old bead loom.

She was going through some old photos and found one where she was wearing the heart choker I had made her in high school. She loved that thing, but she wore it everywhere and managed to break it long before it’s due.

So at her request, I made her a replacement one. And then, because I was having so much fun, I made several more.

To make sure that these didn’t befall the fate of the last one, I went about these a little differently. Instead of using regular thread to string the beads, I instead used super heavy-duty upholstery thread. There’s a little less give now (I usually use a thin thread that stretches a bit), and some of the beads were too small to fit over the thickness; but I figure if this thread can hold together a couch cover, it can stand up to a 20-year-old girl.

Secondly, instead of using a loop clasp made out of beads, I used metal jump rings and a lobster clasp. The best thing, that means the size can now be adjusted. Yay!

I think she enjoyed them, but I think I went a little overboard, since the next thing I knew, two of them were listed on etsy. That’s okay, they are super cute and I’m sure will be purchased in no time.

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Endeavors in Hardware

The other day I was at the hardware store with my husband. Being a man, he spent forever looking at screws and bolts. So, I started wandering down the aisle, and among the circular washers, I noticed the lock washers.

Now, I don’t look at washers all that often, and had no idea there were little washers that looked just like gears. And because I was in a crafting mood, I decided I needed some to make jewelry.

(You love my artsy photos right?)

I created these using 14 1/4″lock washers spaced with silver rings (they didn’t have a size listed, but are the same size as the inner ring of the lock washers) and closed with a hidden clasp for added elegance. I found the clasps and rings at my local Wal-Mart, which, unlike some of the others I have been to, still has a craft section. I’ve seen similar rings at craft stores, but they were much cheaper at Wal-Mart.

Funny thing, after creating this work of inspiration, I came across a similar bracelet by Love Megan. Her bracelet is super cute too, she used a contrasting silver chain to attach her washers. I think it gives it a really elegant look.

For more photos, and to buy an already assembled bracelet, check out etsy.