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Burple the Turtle

First, if you are not following Blanket of Doom on Tumblr, you totally should. I’m being a very nice person and letting my sister have access to it, and since this is the same sister who manages my etsy shop whilst med school slowly pulls me down a long sleep deprived tunnel, she kindly posts my creations as well.

Today when I logged on I saw this, the story of Burple the Turtle.

Burple is a little handmade crocheted turtle, the only one left of his kind. All of his similar pattern and color turtles were sold!

Poor Burple, an octipus is trying to eat him.

Burple is a pariah when it comes to the other turtles.

Even giant kitty doesn’t like Burple!

Help Burple find a home!

That’s all for now. One more exam and I’m free for the Holiday break, and I have some awesome plans up my sleeve. Working on a My Little Pony themed basket for a fundraiser for March of Dimes! So stay tuned for more awesome and doom!


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Pokemon First Gen Starter Blanket

Yup, you read the title correctly. It’s finished at last!! (and listed on etsy)

Drum roll please……

Yup, behold the glory that is the Pokemon blanket. It’s pictured on a queen sized bed for size references.

And the beautiful back. Yup, fully reversible, which is why I crochet most of my blankets these days.

I have a few new projects in the works, hopefully I’ll have a bit more time in the upcoming weeks to post a bit more. I’m always looking for new ideas, so fill the comments section with suggestions!

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Pokemon Blanket, Almost Finished!

Good news everyone!

Finals are over, which means two weeks of sleeping, crafting, and eating turkey.

“mmm turkey” she drools.

Oh where were we, oh yea, so in addition to having free time, I also have managed to almost complete my Pokemon blanket!

Now all I have to do is put the squares together. Yay!

And yes, it will be available on etsy in the coming weeks.

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Current Work in Progress

School may be taking a good chunk of my time, but I’m trying to find a little time to craft each week. I’m still working on my Pokemon blanket, but I was feeling inspired to design today, so I started working on a Charmander coaster/hot pad thing.


He still needs to be sewn together, and I want to add a tail to the back. But he’s looking super cute and I’m toying around with the thought of making a set of them to sell on etsy.


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Endeavors in Hardware

The other day I was at the hardware store with my husband. Being a man, he spent forever looking at screws and bolts. So, I started wandering down the aisle, and among the circular washers, I noticed the lock washers.

Now, I don’t look at washers all that often, and had no idea there were little washers that looked just like gears. And because I was in a crafting mood, I decided I needed some to make jewelry.

(You love my artsy photos right?)

I created these using 14 1/4″lock washers spaced with silver rings (they didn’t have a size listed, but are the same size as the inner ring of the lock washers) and closed with a hidden clasp for added elegance. I found the clasps and rings at my local Wal-Mart, which, unlike some of the others I have been to, still has a craft section. I’ve seen similar rings at craft stores, but they were much cheaper at Wal-Mart.

Funny thing, after creating this work of inspiration, I came across a similar bracelet by Love Megan. Her bracelet is super cute too, she used a contrasting silver chain to attach her washers. I think it gives it a really elegant look.

For more photos, and to buy an already assembled bracelet, check out etsy.