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Fantastic Flower Beanie

Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and everywhere there is the sound of cheering as students are released from the confines of school to experience the bliss and freedom that is summer. Among these cheering students are the new graduates, excited to enter the real world. Right behind them are their proud parents, offering words of encouragement and showering them with gifts.

There is something about special occasions that calls for flowers. Flower bouquets, single rose buds, and lays. Flowers everywhere!

In the spirit of all the floral inspired gifts, I have created a fun flower beanie to celebrate.

This beanie was created using a pattern I modified from this seed stitch pattern from Lion Brand Yarn’s website.

I like hats that fit tight around the base, so I began the hat by using a 2×2 rib stitch to create a one inch rim prior to beginning working with the seed stitch. I used a contrasting color for the cast on and first row of the rim.

The flower accent was created using this pattern by Strikkelise. I chose to forgo the button center to the flower in order to simplify the beanie.

Happy summer everyone! And congratulation to all the new graduates out there.