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Heart Beanie

On Sunday, I had the honor of attending a beautiful wedding of a good friend of mine, making her the third person I know to get marred so far this summer (which actually officially starts today, but I started counting once the thermometer rose over 100 earlier this month).

There is just something about summer that goes so well with love; perhaps it’s the warm weather, the happy birds singing, or the bliss that comes with freeing ones self from responsibilities and going on exotic vacations.

Whatever it is, love is in the air. To celebrate, today I am featuring a love beanie I created.

The hat was created using my favorite seed stitch beanie pattern from Lion Brand Patterns. I love this pattern because it is so easy to read, easy to create, and it looks beautiful. As before, I chose not to include the pompom hat topper.

I created the cute little heart accent using the earflap pattern from this beanie I found on Lion Brand Patterns. I used size three needles to create the heart, making it the perfect size. I sewed it on using a modified whipstitch.

I used Carron brand simply soft yarn to create this project. I love working with this yarn because it is really soft and lightweight, which is important when creating beanies to wear in areas that don’t get that cold.

There you have it, a cute little beanie perfect for celebrating this season of love and marriage.