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Sexy Knitting

Once again I find myself elbow deep in Debbie Macomber book. This time it’s Summer on Blossom Street.

One of the best things about these novels is that some of the chapters start with knitting quotes. This one caught my eye: “Large or small, all types of women’s bodies are beautiful and I want to give knitters permission to express their beauty through what they make and wear.” ~Joan McGowan-Michael author of Knitting Lingerie Style

I read this and said to myself, “Knitting lingerie? No way, this woman is pulling my leg.”

Nope. Not only is it for real, they look amazing!

Sophia Babydoll & Boy-Short

This one is by far my favorite, you can even buy the feathers from the site. I’m definitely going to have to pick out a pattern or two to make, even though it’s currently 108 degrees here.

There is so much awesomeness on this website, so be sure to check out not only the lingerie patterns, but everything else as well.


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Poofy Owls

I’ve been seeing cute owls all over the internet recently, and when I saw these little owl puffs, I just had to make one. And then a second and a third.

Like most of my patterns, I found this pattern by Ana on Ravelry.

This pattern is particularly cool because it has instructions for knitting and crocheting. I tried out the knitting version, but I’m not patient enough to work with something so small in the round, so I started over on the crochet version.

I tried out two different ways of doing the beaks. I tried out a crochet triangle, but it was a little too big for my taste, so I opted to embroider the beak on the remaining two.

I think the little brown one is my favorite, I accidentally attached the eyes a bit crooked, but it resulted in a great little inquisitive look.

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Yoga Socks. Finished at Last!

After months of back-breaking work, the yoga socks are finally finished. I’m excited to be finished, but saddened at the same time. I poured so much of my time and patience into these socks that it is such a shame to know they will not be seen all that often. Perhaps I will wear them to the airport sometime, so at least when I’m forced to stand shoe-less in a line of strangers I can know they are all jealous of my awesome socks.

These socks are surprisingly comfortable. I thought that having open toes and heals would cause a texture contrast that would irritate me as I wore them, but I barely noticed it.

My first adventure into sock making went extremely well. Will I repeat it? I’m not sure. Perhaps I will consider it once these aren’t looking so cute anymore.

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Super Loops Scarf

Today’s knit a day pattern was for the super loops scarf. It looks so cute and fun to make. Plus the direction are so easy. Gotta love patterns that are just garter stitch.

I really like the idea of the loops. Before looking at the pattern, I thought it was fringe all the way down the side. I remember thinking to myself ‘huh, fringe down the side, now that’s cool.’ I’m even more impressed now that I see they are loops down the side. That looks even easier to do!

Once again I’m wishing I lived somewhere where it was colder. Somehow I think I will get odd looks if I wear a scarf around in this seventy degree January we are having.



Organization away!

I’m really obsessive compulsive when it comes to organization, so much so that I can hardly ever finish a cleaning project because it takes too much time. All of my crafting supplies are in their own little boxes with labels on the fronts telling me what treasures are hidden inside.

Now, this is easy for small things like glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, etc. In fact, my yarn collection used to be nice and organized in a little box labeled “yarn.” However, in the past few years I have gotten way more into my knitting and crocheting, and my yarn collection has exploded. So much so it’s almost completely out of hand. I have boxes and bags of it everywhere.

I’ve been looking for ways to organize it, but have yet to find something I like, until now. This shoe organizer used for yarn display is such an amazing idea. Everything is out where it can easily be seen, but it’s also organized in a way that things wont get tangled. While something like this isn’t big enough to house my entire collection, it looks like it may be just what I need for my yarn scraps. I’m adding it to my list of things I need.

In the mean time, I’m still searching for ways to organize all my treasures. If you have a creative way to store your yarn (and compared to my stashing it in plastic grocery bags anything is creative) post it in the comments!