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Pokemon Blanket, Almost Finished!

Good news everyone!

Finals are over, which means two weeks of sleeping, crafting, and eating turkey.

“mmm turkey” she drools.

Oh where were we, oh yea, so in addition to having free time, I also have managed to almost complete my Pokemon blanket!

Now all I have to do is put the squares together. Yay!

And yes, it will be available on etsy in the coming weeks.


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Pokemon Blanket Part 4

I’ve been a crocheting machine! So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my latest creation for the Pokemon blanket. Squirtle!

Unlike my other patterns, I didn’t chibify (yes it’s a word now) the Pokemon myself. Instead, I drew inspiration from this little guy I found on Deviant art.

Isn’t he cute?! If you like chibi art as much as I do, be sure to check out MizziChibiArt!

So now, without further adieu, is my latest blanket square:

I think he turned out pretty cute. I left out some of the shell detail to try to keep him from being too cluttered, but now that I’m able to stand back and look at it, it probably could have been left in. Other than that, I’m super excited with the way he turned out.

Just one more Pokemon square to go!

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Pokemon Blanket Part 3


As promised, I have been working hard on my Pokemon blanket and here for your viewing pleasure, is my latest square.


Here he is, chibi charmander.

Not too sure how I feel about this one to be honest. I wanted him to look cute, but my sister said he reminds here of a mushroom. I’m not sure if I see the mushroom, but I’m not happy with the tail. One of the instances of it looked better on paper than in practice. *shrug*


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Pokemon Blanket Part 2


I know, I know. Ever since I posted the news that I’m starting an epic new Pokemon themed blanket you’ve  been hanging off your seats just waiting for an update. But I’ve been lazy busy!

But good news everyone, the wait is over!


I have finally finished chibi Pikachu!

Want to make one of your own? Head over to the pattern page to find the chart.

I have some awesome new charts drafted, so stay tuned for more! It won’t be such a long wait this time, scouts honor.