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Infinity Scarf

Friday I had decided to challenge myself to create a scarf in half an hour. Well that didn’t work out too well. I wasn’t happy with the size and the length, so about half way into the project I decided to start over.

This is what resulted: 20121001-142925.jpg

This one is loosely based off the same pattern. And by loosely, I mean loosely.

I ended up using a size P hook and a foundation chain of 70 stitches. This made it long enough to wrap around my neck twice comfortably. I didn’t do the ribbing that the pattern called for, mostly because I got distracted while I was working it and was too lazy to pull it out again.

All in all, it took about an hour and a half to work. Had it been smaller I could have done it in the 30 minutes, so perhaps the challenge isn’t failed after all.


I’m going to keep my eye out to see if I can find more 30 minute projects, this was kinda fun.


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30 Minute Infinity Scarf Challenge–Failed


Once again it’s Friday and I have nothing to look forward to but an endless pile of notes to memorize.

I have been seriously neglecting the creative side of my brain, and it is dying to come out and play, so I’ve decided to do a crochet project today (despite all my WIPs lying around). I had found a pattern a few weeks ago on pintrest for a 30 minute infinity scarf that I was going to do today (30 minutes isn’t long at all!). However, when I actually went to go look at it, something that was tagged as “free 30 minute infinity scarf pattern” was actually an $8 pattern. Now, I don’t mind paying for patterns, but whoever decided to pass it around as free was a meanie.

So, I went in search of a similar pattern that was actually free.

I’m going to be making this infinity scarf instead.

20120928-125115.jpgI’m going to be using Homespun yarn, and am debating on the size hook. It’ll either be a size K hook or a size P hook (since they are the biggest hooks I have, and I’m too lazy to go purchase a new hook).

The challenge (because everything is more fun with challenges): There isn’t a project time listed with the pattern, so I’m going to attempt to make it in 30 minutes. Will I succeed? Probably not.

The plan is to work in small chunks throughout the night as I work on memorizing stuff. I will be updating this post periodically, so stay tuned. You can also follow my random antics on tumblr:


Time so far: 5 min

Foundation chain completed. I decided to go with the K hook which will undoubtedly add time to the project. However, it looks much better. I’m making it long enough to wrap around twice. The foundation chain is 110 chains in case anyone is interested. Also, I did not realize that the yarn was the same color as my shirt.


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Super Loops Scarf

Today’s knit a day pattern was for the super loops scarf. It looks so cute and fun to make. Plus the direction are so easy. Gotta love patterns that are just garter stitch.

I really like the idea of the loops. Before looking at the pattern, I thought it was fringe all the way down the side. I remember thinking to myself ‘huh, fringe down the side, now that’s cool.’ I’m even more impressed now that I see they are loops down the side. That looks even easier to do!

Once again I’m wishing I lived somewhere where it was colder. Somehow I think I will get odd looks if I wear a scarf around in this seventy degree January we are having.


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Skull Illusion Scarf

I am happy to say that the Skull Illusion Scarf is finally finished. *sigh of relief* It was really close there, I just finished this morning, but there was enough time to give it to my sister for her birthday today.

The pattern itself can be found here on the Ravelry website. I made mine using white and black Red Heart Super Saver yarn, which is what I use for most of my projects now that I think about it.

The pattern itself was really easy to follow, it was just very time consuming. Having to count stitches every other row made this project take far longer than other scarves.

Early on I was debating about adding more repeats to the pattern to make it longer, but I decided against it last night so that I could finish it in time. I did, however, add a six-inch fringe to each end of the scarf.

I’m really pleased with how the final result turned out. I like how the scarf looks different depending on where you look at it, as well as how the skulls aren’t apparent right away.

I’m actually thinking about making another one, but using red and black. Although, I may stick with nice simple beanies for a little while.


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Why Must Scarves Take So Much Time?

I wanted to have some new pretty pictures today, but I’ve become increasingly busy at work. While money is good, it means less time for knitting.

I’ve been working a lot on the Skull Illusion Scarf. I was hoping to have it done by Halloween, but obviously that didn’t happen.

I’m nearing the end of the repeats that the pattern called for. Unfortunately, it is a little too short for my taste, which means I’ll be adding more repeats which will take more time.

I now remember why I stopped making scarves, they take forever!


Skull Illusion Scarf

Since Halloween is fast approaching us, I decided to start off the month of October by working on this seemingly innocent scarf that I found on Ravelry.

While browsing through patterns on Ravelry and beefing up my queue, I noticed a lot of patterns for these huge illusion panels with some really cool characters. I was intrigued, but I was weary that mine would actually come out looking like they are supposed to. So when I came across a listing for an illusion scarf, I decided to give it a try. It seemed like it would be a good way to sample the idea, since it was a repeating pattern, and if I did mess up I’d have less to pull out.

At first, I was concerned that the illusion wouldn’t show up, but after completing the first 30 rows or so, the illusion started to appear.

Working the scarf has been pretty easy so far. The pattern does involve counting to make the texture contrast that forms the illusion, which is somewhat annoying as I like to avoid counting whenever possible. I’ve also forgotten how tedious making scarves is. I’ve spent a few hours working on this so far, and each time I put it down I keep thinking I should be further. I may not be able to finish this by Halloween…