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Anatomy Inspired T-Shirt Redesign


Well, it’s that time again. Today I start school. Unfortunately, that means my posts will once again become less regular. Not to worry dear readers, I will still be around, just not able to post new and awesome creations as often.

So in the spirit of back to school, here is my first T-shit redesign.

This is what I began with. A black V-neck shirt. I bought this shirt a couple of years ago, and while it’s still in good condition; it’s not something I wear that often anymore, and there are some small holes in it when my cat decided to embellish it herself which made me hesitant about donating it.

So instead, I figured I’d try out a design by Bunte Freunde. The page is in German, but kindly features a translate option in the right side menu. While the translation isn’t anything more than a google verbatim translation, there are lots of pictures which make words unnecessary.

I fell in love with this design because it reminded me of the spinal cord. In my version I cut more strips in my shirt and made a smaller taper. I also made the slits wider.

After cutting, I used fray check to ensure that there will be no fraying of this shirt.

I really like the way it turned out, and that it looks so much more complicated than it was to crate. I can’t wait to show it off at school today!





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Cat Hoodie

I was about to post yet another update on my progress with the blanket I’m creating, but then I remembered that I never posted the adorable kitty sweater I made for Tigger.

I found this very cute pattern one day when I was searching for pet clothes. I live in the desert, so my kitty gets very cold at night, cold to the point where he drives me crazy trying to sit in my lap while I’m busy. I had been looking for some time for patterns to make for kitties, but until now most of my searches came up with dog clothes.

This pattern was really easy to follow and it turned out darling. I was nervous about it at first because I have never made a sweater at first, and didn’t know if the arm holes would turn our right. One did turn out a little funny looking where I dropped a stitch part way in, but it’s on the inside and therefore not as bad as it could be.

I also love how the variegated yarn worked into a camo pattern. This is exactly why I love variegated yarn, it looks completely different in every pattern.

He doesn’t look pleased in the picture, but at least he’s warm now without having to steal my bed from me.

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Knit Tank Top

Knitting, its not just for winter anymore.

When flipping through my copy of Punk Knits, I was ecstatic to find a pattern for a fun top that was designed to be worn in the summer time (what a concept!).

In the creation of this shirt, I combined Lion Brand Trellis yarn, which (as I mentioned in a previous post) I absolutely adore working with, but has been sadly discontinued, with Bernat Satin yarn. The combination of the two gave a silky feel, as the satin yarn texture was able to peak through the untextured blocks in the Trellis yarn. Avid blog readers may recognize this yarn combination from a tie mentioned in a previous post. The shirt was actually created first, but I made the tie before I was able to get the ribbon to finish off the shirt. The pattern actually called for the use of these two yarn types, and I liked how they looked so much I used the combination in different projects.

I think my favorite part of this project is that the completed product looks far more complicated than it actually was to make. The shirt is created in three pieces which are a basic 2×2 rib stitch. The pieces were laced together using ribbon (yay for no sew projects) using holes created by dropping stitches.

Many of the patterns in this book call for the use of dropped stitches. I absolutely love it! Most books focus on how to save the project from the horrors of dropped stitches, while this one is encouraging it. I must say it’s quite refreshing. It’s also a really creative way of creating holes for lacing. I wish I was that creative when coming up with designs.