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Bombshell Skirt

I want to start today’s post with a lesson about gauging.

The two skirts on the left were created with the same pattern (found in the book Punk Knits). However, I was too lazy when I started making the black one to do the gauge swatch. As you can see, it ended up much smaller than the blue one. So for those of you out there who are too lazy to follow the gauging suggestions, take this post as an example of why it’s important. Each of the skirts took me the better part of two months to create, it was very disappointing to finish up the first one I made only to find it was too small.

Great! Now that’s out of my system I can go on to comment about the actual skirt.

First off, this is a lovely pattern. The original pattern called for the use of yarn containing elastic. I chose instead to use Red Heart Classic yarn for the black skirt and baby yarn for the blue one. This was the source for the gauging issue, as these yarns don’t stretch in the intended way.

This project was my first time working with the baby yarn. I must admit that I really like it. The baby yarn skirt was so much softer than the one created with classic yarn! I’m definitely going to be incorporating baby yarn into more of my projects, even if they are for adults.

As one can see in the close up detail, the patter called for dropping stitches. That was such an imaginative way to give the skirt an A-line shape, and I must admit, a much better way than by having to decrease stitches every given number of rows. Anything that reduces the amount of counting I have to do is a great idea in my book.