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Burple the Turtle

First, if you are not following Blanket of Doom on Tumblr, you totally should. I’m being a very nice person and letting my sister have access to it, and since this is the same sister who manages my etsy shop whilst med school slowly pulls me down a long sleep deprived tunnel, she kindly posts my creations as well.

Today when I logged on I saw this, the story of Burple the Turtle.

Burple is a little handmade crocheted turtle, the only one left of his kind. All of his similar pattern and color turtles were sold!

Poor Burple, an octipus is trying to eat him.

Burple is a pariah when it comes to the other turtles.

Even giant kitty doesn’t like Burple!

Help Burple find a home!

That’s all for now. One more exam and I’m free for the Holiday break, and I have some awesome plans up my sleeve. Working on a My Little Pony themed basket for a fundraiser for March of Dimes! So stay tuned for more awesome and doom!


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Steve The Amigrumi Baby Dragon




Lately I’ve been one an amigrumi kick (sorry to everyone who is waiting on more blanket posts).

This week I was hard at work on this little guy. He was inspired by Toothless. Because he was all black I was a little saddened that no one could really see how much detail went into the pattern. So I decided to make his accents in a different color.

I’ve always been a huge fan of dragons and unicorns, so I will probably be making more soon.

For more amigrumi check out my etsy shop!

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Toothless Amigrumi



I get bored quickly, so after a couple of weeks of doing nothing but jewelry, I lost my inspiration and decided it was time to crochet for a bit. Since I have two blankets sitting half completed, I decided to look for some amigrumi. One of the first things I stumbled across was a pattern for Toothless, and I fell in love.

This free pattern, by Sarah (who as it happens has a really cool etsy store) was super easy to follow. Some of the pieces are adopted from different sources, which each used different notations, so it took a bit of thinking to get used to the different styles of notation.

I created Toothless using Vanna’s Choice yarn. I was afraid I would run out, but it turns out I had plenty left over.

One of the best parts of this pattern is all the details that go into it. It’s too bad that you can’t see too much of the wings and tail from the front.

I love that several other people linked their projects in the comments, so if I haven’t inspired you to make your own, be sure to check out these fine posts:

Stupid Crayon–Has a really great photo of the back of the dragon. I wish mine came out that well.
Lemmy Loop–The way she did her eyes totally inspired me.
Vinegaroon–Has a great pattern for different styles of tail fins, plus the eyes she did were so amazing!


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Sir Peter Pennington

Meet Sir. Peter Pennington. I actually made him a few months ago for a crochet contest. Unfortunately, he didn’t win. However, I think he’s too cute to not be shared with the world, so he will make his debut on this blog instead.

This was my first time writing a pattern. It was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. The body was pretty easy, but I had to start the head over a few times in order to get it the right size.

Everything on him is made out of yarn, including the eyes. The pieces are sewn together, except for the monocle which I attached with fabric glue.

Now that I have the pattern looking pretty good, I’m thinking of making him some friends in different outfits, and maybe a few babies too. You can never have too many penguins. ^_^

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Tiny Crab

When browsing through patterns I came across this adorable crab pattern and just had to try it out myself. I thought it would make a cute little companion for my squid. The image made it look complicated, but the pattern is actually very simple. I made my little crab in about twenty minutes.

I really liked this pattern, the crab is basically a circle that is folded in half and stuffed. The only change I would have made is the timing of the eye placement. The pattern says to stitch on the eyes after the crab is finished. The next time I make this one I’m probably going to stitch the eyes on before the body is finished, that way the tails on each end can be safely hidden inside.

The pattern notations said that the finished product would be tiny, but knowing everyone has a different idea of what “tiny” is, I was unsure as the size. The crab was in fact tiny. I placed mine next to a tube of Chap Stick for a size reference.

The description of this pattern offered several suggestions of what to do with these tiny crabs. One was to hang them on a Christmas tree. I was really excited and planning on making several for my tree this year, until Fluffy decided they would make better cat toys.

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Yesterday, when catching up on old posts of Must Have Cute, I came across a link to the cutest squid pattern! (Well technically they are called takochu).

Having recently acquired some skills in crocheting, I was uber excited to try this pattern out for myself.

To the left is the cute little squid I made (tho it does look kind of a dog).

The pattern was super easy to use, and in doing so I learned the magic circle technique (I’m learning so many cool new things these days).

I did have some difficulty sewing the whole thing together, which seems to be caused by a combination of the size of the squid (that’s a coaster its sitting on) and the needle I was using (the head really didn’t want to follow the rest of the needle).

I altered the pattern a bit by crocheting the eyes, and in the placement of the mouth (well that part was an unintentional alteration, but I’ll pretend I did it on purpose).