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Terrific Tie

June, the time of grads and dads. Yesterday I posted about grads, so today its time to honor dads.

If your dad is anything like mine, he is impossible to shop for. He already has everything he could ever want, he doesn’t appreciate useless novelty gifts, and unlike mom, he does not want your had made junk. Until today.

In my never ending quest for fun new knit patterns, I received a copy Punk Knits. This book has some really awesome patterns and I highly recommend it.

The pattern itself was really easy to follow and complete. Had I done the whole thing in one sitting instead of doing a bit at a time like I’m known to do, it probably would have only taken me a few hours. It definitely went quicker than making a scarf.

Like always, I modified the pattern to suit my own vision. I’m a big fan of combining two colors of yarn when working simpler patterns. This gives each piece a unique feel that cannot be recreated.

For this tie I combined Lion Brand Trellis yarn, which I absolutely adore working with, but has been sadly discontinued, with Bernat Satin yarn. The combination of the two gave a silky feel, as the satin yarn texture was able to peak through the untextured blocks in the Trellis yarn.

The pattern calls for blocking once it is completed, which I chose to ignore. I think the shape came out better than some ties I have seen in stores, and I was weary about ruining the texture of tie with the blocking step. Something about doing it with satin yarn didn’t bode well in my mind.

So there you have it! A nice hand made gift for the man who has everything.