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Yarn Rant

I told Tara I would post a blog about yarn, so here it is.
Yes I am that nerdy.

This rant is dedicated to a specific yarn. One that looks and feels like a rug. Yes a rug. As in that thing you put on your floor to cover up the cat barf on your carpet so company won’t see what a lazy slob you are.
Not only does this yarn look hideous, but it feels rough and gross, not to mention itchy. I honestly don’t think I could wear something made out of this particular yarn without scratching like crazy.
What boggles the mind more than the fact that they make it, is the fact that enough people are buying it that they keep it in stock. Not only do they continually keep it in stalk but it is the third on the list of yarn colors when going on to the website. Are that many people sitting around and saying to themselves “I think I will crochet a rug today” ?!?!
Tara said that maybe they only keep this yarn around because if they discontinue it all these little old ladies would blog in rage about it. Well here I am blogging in rage about keeping it.
So hear me Red Heart: Get rid of the ugly yarn! I’m sure you have better colors out there!