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Variation on a Theme

The other day (whilst on an energy drink high) I had the great idea to make a series of turtles.

(Why turtles? No idea)

All are based on two patterns: the Tiny Striped Turtle by Kristie and the Itty Bitty Turtle by Rachel. Both are available as a free Ravelry download, be sure to check them out.

To class the place up a bit, I’ve added a video for your listening pleasure as you scroll through this post.

So click play and be prepared to witness the awesome.

I started simple, choosing to first create a turtle that had no stripes in order to get a feel for the pattern.

Then came the striped version, a little more difficult to create, but not too bad.

Rainbows always make me happy. The best thing about variegated yarn is that it self patterns, yay for no color changes!

This one has inverted colors for the eyes and head. It looks a little spooky to me.

Changed the shell so that it was flatter. It made the head look a little huge, but big heads are in.

This was by far the hardest to make, and the reason I didn’t get to make 12 turtles to go along with each variation of the song. It features a white shell with a rainbow spiral. The spiral goes around the outside of the shell, but was worked using the white and rainbow yarn at the same time.

And there you have it, six variations on the turtle. Keep your eye out for another post featuring six more. ^_^


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Cat Hoodie

I was about to post yet another update on my progress with the blanket I’m creating, but then I remembered that I never posted the adorable kitty sweater I made for Tigger.

I found this very cute pattern one day when I was searching for pet clothes. I live in the desert, so my kitty gets very cold at night, cold to the point where he drives me crazy trying to sit in my lap while I’m busy. I had been looking for some time for patterns to make for kitties, but until now most of my searches came up with dog clothes.

This pattern was really easy to follow and it turned out darling. I was nervous about it at first because I have never made a sweater at first, and didn’t know if the arm holes would turn our right. One did turn out a little funny looking where I dropped a stitch part way in, but it’s on the inside and therefore not as bad as it could be.

I also love how the variegated yarn worked into a camo pattern. This is exactly why I love variegated yarn, it looks completely different in every pattern.

He doesn’t look pleased in the picture, but at least he’s warm now without having to steal my bed from me.

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Tiger Cat Hat

I spent the weekend finishing my Tiger Cat Hat. It’s a little more snug than I expected it to be, but that’s probably because I used a different yarn than was called for in the pattern.

I modified the original pattern a bit. Besides using a K hook to account for the difference in yarn weight, I also added ten rounds to the hat itself to make it longer. I also added a few increase rows of my own devising to each ear so that they would be larger as well. Th original ear size looked too small now that I had increased the length of the hat.

I’m really enjoying the stripped pattern created by the variegated yarn, which is one of the things I absolutely adore about working with variegated colors.

I started work on a third hat of this type, this time in white. Soon everyone I know will have kitty hats. ^_^

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After breaking my circular needles last week I was stalled a bit on my beret project. While I was unable to fix them, I gave in and changed to new needles so that I could continue the project. Today it is finished!

I made it using a pattern I found on SockPixie, which is a really amazing blog might I add.

Being ever the rebel, I used Sensations Little Treat Soft and colorful yarn for this project. I made it for my grandmother, who adores the feel of cashmere, and this yarn came pretty close. The hat is made from two skeins of mitigated yarn, which created the unique color combination seen in the picture. I was unsure about the color choices early on in the creation process because both skeins have sections of white in them and there were several rows that were white instead of alternating colors. However, that part (as luck would have it) is under the fold of the hat, so no one will ever know.

The pattern itself was easy enough to follow. I had to pull out the project at one point, but that was due to my inability to work the repeating stitches properly. Apparently I was seeing too many little stars when I read the row and didn’t repeat enough of the stitches.

I am a little disappointed in the size, I thought it would have been bigger based on the picture featured with the pattern. It looks like I thought it would not worn, but it looks a little small when placed on my head. Further support of my theory that my head is bigger than those of the pattern makers. I’m thinking of making another one of these for myself, but I’ll be using bigger needles to make the hat larger.

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More Cat Hats

I’ve been working diligently on a scarf lately, but I’ve grown bored. So I’ve decided to start working on more hats.

I’ve decided to start a series of hats inspired by the Crazy Cat Hat pattern that I featured in August.

The second hat in the series, which is still in the process of being created, is inspired by my kitty cat Tigger. Being a tiger cat, I chose to use Zebra yarn from Red Heart.

This yarn is a lot thinner than the one called for in the pattern. In order to make my hat fit, I used a K (6.5mm) hook. I also added to the number of rounds to make the hat long enough.

I’m going to begin working on the ear flaps for the hat today. I’m really excited to see how the patterning works out. I really like the spiral stripes it has right now, and I hope that it is able to continue to some degree.

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Yesterday, when catching up on old posts of Must Have Cute, I came across a link to the cutest squid pattern! (Well technically they are called takochu).

Having recently acquired some skills in crocheting, I was uber excited to try this pattern out for myself.

To the left is the cute little squid I made (tho it does look kind of a dog).

The pattern was super easy to use, and in doing so I learned the magic circle technique (I’m learning so many cool new things these days).

I did have some difficulty sewing the whole thing together, which seems to be caused by a combination of the size of the squid (that’s a coaster its sitting on) and the needle I was using (the head really didn’t want to follow the rest of the needle).

I altered the pattern a bit by crocheting the eyes, and in the placement of the mouth (well that part was an unintentional alteration, but I’ll pretend I did it on purpose).

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Crochet Flower Hat

My second crocheted beanie turned out much better than my first attempt at it.

I found this amazing pattern at I like it because it looks so complicated, but is actually really simple to execute.

I chose to use a black and white zebra variegated yarn (I love creative yarn names) to make the hat. Multi colored yarn is so much fun because each thing created using it comes out completely unique.

The flower was my first attempt at felting. I was a little nervous when I saw the pattern called for the use of felting, I was afraid that it would completely ruin my work. I put my fears aside and decided to try it, and was impressed with the results.

I guess you do learn something new every day.

Edit: Hey all, it’s come to my attention that the pattern has been removed from the original site I found it on. Good news, I have tracked it down again! Linkage. Enjoy!