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Pokemon Blanket Part 2


I know, I know. Ever since I posted the news that I’m starting an epic new Pokemon themed blanket you’ve  been hanging off your seats just waiting for an update. But I’ve been lazy busy!

But good news everyone, the wait is over!


I have finally finished chibi Pikachu!

Want to make one of your own? Head over to the pattern page to find the chart.

I have some awesome new charts drafted, so stay tuned for more! It won’t be such a long wait this time, scouts honor.




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Pokemon Blanket


Good news everyone!

Well kinda good news.

My summer plans seem to keep falling through and I’ve found myself with soooo much time on my hands. So in order to fill that time, I’ve decided to make a few more video game themed blankets.

I’ve decided to kick things off by making a Pokemon blanket, featuring the iconic Pokeball, and four other Pokemon to be relieved at a later date (I know, you are just hanging off the edge of your seat).

You may remember the Pokeball from my last gamer blanket, but in case you don’t, the chart can be found on the pattern’s page.

And more good news! I’m going to be featuring some of these new creations on Etsy, so stay tuned!