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I was about half way through my baby blanket when I spread it out to look at it on the bed to have a look at how it was turning out. Now, I know I have laid it out before to look at it, but was apparently drunk each time, because I noticed it was doing this weird wavy thing on the side, and there were whole chunks of rows that were either tighter or had fewer stitches, and chunks of rows that were longer.

Needless to say that wasn’t going to pass.

Luckily I was already mad at the blanket and felt great satisfaction in ripping it out.

So if you’ve ever wanted to see what 280 g of yarn looked like all kinky and laying on the floor, here you have it.

I’m giving the blanket one more chance, and if it doesn’t start looking the way I want it to…well I’m not sure what I’ll do. Maybe a nice fire. (kidding). Wish me luck!



Organization away!

I’m really obsessive compulsive when it comes to organization, so much so that I can hardly ever finish a cleaning project because it takes too much time. All of my crafting supplies are in their own little boxes with labels on the fronts telling me what treasures are hidden inside.

Now, this is easy for small things like glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, etc. In fact, my yarn collection used to be nice and organized in a little box labeled “yarn.” However, in the past few years I have gotten way more into my knitting and crocheting, and my yarn collection has exploded. So much so it’s almost completely out of hand. I have boxes and bags of it everywhere.

I’ve been looking for ways to organize it, but have yet to find something I like, until now. This shoe organizer used for yarn display is such an amazing idea. Everything is out where it can easily be seen, but it’s also organized in a way that things wont get tangled. While something like this isn’t big enough to house my entire collection, it looks like it may be just what I need for my yarn scraps. I’m adding it to my list of things I need.

In the mean time, I’m still searching for ways to organize all my treasures. If you have a creative way to store your yarn (and compared to my stashing it in plastic grocery bags anything is creative) post it in the comments!


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Stop Eating My Yarn!

My cat is a huge fan of my knitting. Why? Because there is always yarn around the house.

Now, I don’t actually mind that much when she plays with it. It’s actually kind of cute how she watches me and waits until I’m distracted to grab the skein I’m working with and run away. Anything not bolted down is a play thing for this cat.

However, the one thing I don’t find cute is when she eats pieces of it.

She doesn’t eat huge chunks of it, but instead takes little bites out of random places. In fact, she’s not as much eating it as severing it into multiple pieces.

She went through this phase where I kept finding pieces about six inches long chewed off of various skeins.

Curious as to why my cat is so fascinated with my yarn I asked the all mighty Google for answers. In doing so I came across this page:

What is it with cats and string?

Why are cats helpless before yarn, string, tinsel, and electrical wires?

We need to understand their natural habitat to unravel this mystery.

Cats have a vision system that is keyed to motion. Nothing is better designed to catch a kitty’s eye that something that twists and turns and offers motion all along its length. Making a string shiny simply multiplies the interest embedded along its length.

Then, there’s snakes. Most of us are fortunate enough to not have snakes appear in our dwelling, and so our cat’s interest remains inexplicable. But for cats in the wild, this would have been a constant worry; well worth being alert to. Strongly Alpha cats, those with an Oriental influence, and thus, more likely to encounter snakes in their more tropical climates; these are cats who can’t leave certain long and twisty shapes alone.

That’s because they are driven by their instincts to either kill or discourage snakes from hunting in their territory. Snakes would eat up the available prey. Snakes would endanger the cat who hunts such prey.

So if we have a cat who won’t get out from behind the stereo or computer equipment, this is a cat who is begging to have a snake substitute made available to them.

Of course, if our cat is happy with a length of yarn, especially with a toddler attached, more power to them. But some cats just adore the chance to wrestle with rubber reptiles of whatever genus, and we should indulge them.”

Well that sort of explains it. Now if only I could convince my cat and my yarn to live in harmony.

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Cat Hoodie

I was about to post yet another update on my progress with the blanket I’m creating, but then I remembered that I never posted the adorable kitty sweater I made for Tigger.

I found this very cute pattern one day when I was searching for pet clothes. I live in the desert, so my kitty gets very cold at night, cold to the point where he drives me crazy trying to sit in my lap while I’m busy. I had been looking for some time for patterns to make for kitties, but until now most of my searches came up with dog clothes.

This pattern was really easy to follow and it turned out darling. I was nervous about it at first because I have never made a sweater at first, and didn’t know if the arm holes would turn our right. One did turn out a little funny looking where I dropped a stitch part way in, but it’s on the inside and therefore not as bad as it could be.

I also love how the variegated yarn worked into a camo pattern. This is exactly why I love variegated yarn, it looks completely different in every pattern.

He doesn’t look pleased in the picture, but at least he’s warm now without having to steal my bed from me.

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Yarn Shopping

Today I went out and bought $70 worth of yarn to cover this month’s calendar projects. I’ve decided that I won’t be doing all the projects featured, just the ones I like. Otherwise this ambition is going to make me go broke, which isn’t good since I’m also planning my wedding, which is also going to make me go broke.

In the meantime I was able to complete a square for the winter throw. Only 28 more to go!

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After breaking my circular needles last week I was stalled a bit on my beret project. While I was unable to fix them, I gave in and changed to new needles so that I could continue the project. Today it is finished!

I made it using a pattern I found on SockPixie, which is a really amazing blog might I add.

Being ever the rebel, I used Sensations Little Treat Soft and colorful yarn for this project. I made it for my grandmother, who adores the feel of cashmere, and this yarn came pretty close. The hat is made from two skeins of mitigated yarn, which created the unique color combination seen in the picture. I was unsure about the color choices early on in the creation process because both skeins have sections of white in them and there were several rows that were white instead of alternating colors. However, that part (as luck would have it) is under the fold of the hat, so no one will ever know.

The pattern itself was easy enough to follow. I had to pull out the project at one point, but that was due to my inability to work the repeating stitches properly. Apparently I was seeing too many little stars when I read the row and didn’t repeat enough of the stitches.

I am a little disappointed in the size, I thought it would have been bigger based on the picture featured with the pattern. It looks like I thought it would not worn, but it looks a little small when placed on my head. Further support of my theory that my head is bigger than those of the pattern makers. I’m thinking of making another one of these for myself, but I’ll be using bigger needles to make the hat larger.

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Yarn Rant

I told Tara I would post a blog about yarn, so here it is.
Yes I am that nerdy.

This rant is dedicated to a specific yarn. One that looks and feels like a rug. Yes a rug. As in that thing you put on your floor to cover up the cat barf on your carpet so company won’t see what a lazy slob you are.
Not only does this yarn look hideous, but it feels rough and gross, not to mention itchy. I honestly don’t think I could wear something made out of this particular yarn without scratching like crazy.
What boggles the mind more than the fact that they make it, is the fact that enough people are buying it that they keep it in stock. Not only do they continually keep it in stalk but it is the third on the list of yarn colors when going on to the website. Are that many people sitting around and saying to themselves “I think I will crochet a rug today” ?!?!
Tara said that maybe they only keep this yarn around because if they discontinue it all these little old ladies would blog in rage about it. Well here I am blogging in rage about keeping it.
So hear me Red Heart: Get rid of the ugly yarn! I’m sure you have better colors out there!